20130601_104940_resized_1June 2, 2013
On May 22 of this year I adopted a Siberian kitten from Bev Metz of Siberian Heaven. I named her Zoya and she has been a joyful addition to my home.  As you can see in the pictures she is absolutely beautiful.  Zoya is very playful, curious and affectionate.  She uses her litter box 100% of the time and sleeps on my bed with me and my standard poodle. 20130601_103856_resized_1Although my dog is so much bigger than her and has never seen a kitten in his life, they get along fine.  The most important aspect about Zoya is she doesn’t make me sneeze!  I have had cat allergies all my life and no matter how close I am to my precious kitten I do not have an allergic reaction.  I kiss her and bury my nose in her soft fur and I love it.  Thank you Siberian Heaven .
Peg ~ Milwaukee, WI
4It has been almost a year since adopting Boris.  On first meeting with Mrs. Metz, we were impressed with her genuine, focused and loving care for each of her cats and kittens.  As a result of her extraordinary care, her kittens are very healthy, highly social and loving.  We thoroughly enjoyed Boris’ first vet visit.  The entire staff had to meet him and remark on his wonderful personality, his healthiness and his handsomeness!  This year, Boris has brought tremendous joy to everyone in our family.  He greets everyone at the door, tucks everyone in at night and plays/cuddles in-between times!!  He has even re-energized our (11 yr) Persian cat.  We have never seen her bond to another animal like she has with Boris.  We are very thankful to Mrs. Metz for allowing us to adopt one of her precious kittens.  We highly recommend Mrs. Metz and her cats/kittens.  They are a blessing!!
Good morning Bev! 
   We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful boy.  He is a very special blessing!!  We just had his "Getting to know you" visit and check up at the vet.  As you know, he is very healthy. The vet staff were impressed by him too.  Everyone that meets him, loves him!  
   He loves and cuddles on everyone in the family.  We love playing with him and we love cuddling with him.  I am very impressed by his affectionate, playful/ yet gentle personality. Each day he makes us smile, laugh, ooooh and aaahhh.  And, each day we praise God for him and for you.  He has been such a little gentleman with our older cat and they are becoming good friends. 
  Thank you so much for sharing him with us!  I have shared your name and website with a few others who have come to love our little boy.  Thank you again for this beautiful gift!